The Week in Review: Week 6- 2019

Each week I will spell out the days and my various dates, adventures or lack thereof. If I have written a story about that particular date or event or whatever, I will link it here as well. I will also add a summary and some “parting thoughts” at the end.


Monday- Mondays are so boring… Working, on the couch, ordering lunch in, drinking wine. Can’t add much more to that this week.

I did write a post about the evolution of my polycule. It shows how my relationships have evolved and also talks about how I got started being polyamorous in the first place.

Evolution of a Polycule- January 2019

Tuesday-Today was action packed. Got my travel tattoo updated with Berlin and finished off with the remaining water-color droplets. It hurt like hell! (Always does. It’s a good thing: A- I have a high tolerance for pain and B- kind of like pain! LOL) We talked about maybe doing two, but it took so long to do the one, and it hurt so much, AND Stefan was waiting for me, I decided to wait until Friday.

Stefan. (Sigh) If you read these posts-you know how much I adore him. After a very frank discussion about his waning libido, (work and life stress) my caresses sort of reached lower (oops) and after enjoying some very intimate connected touching, he decided yes, he wanted to have some fun!

Good God! If you read my “Sex Scientist” stories you know our adventures almost always start with him asking, “So what do we do to you today?” Or “So what do we stuff inside you today?” Tonight, was no exception. I usually let him decide, but tonight I suggested,

“Maybe both hands inside?” His response kind of surprised me.

“No, a hand in each hole!”

“Uhm, really? You sure? I don’t know.” I managed to peep out.

“Yes, I am sure. Get the stuff.”

We proceeded to have a very interesting, very sexy, very sensual, time. New tattoo pain and all. We fell asleep early, sated, exhausted, and snuggled up close. Happy days!


Wednesday-I’m trying to balance seeing my friends and loves, getting some packing/sorting done, and trying to live comfortably in the in between times. Tonight, I spend some time packing and sorting. It was nice to also chat with Benjamin a bit. I was able to get a few blog posts in- I saw the Kink of the Week Meme fit a story I’ve been meaning to write- so I got that done- as well as a post about my tattoos.

Mutual, I’m Sure!


Thursday-Been working a lot this week. Of course, the weeks that I have a lot of personal things going on, are the busiest in the work world. Never fails. (Sigh) BUT I was happy to head to Stefan again. You all know how happy I am to get two visits in the same week. My tattoo is not healing as nicely as all my others have, it hurts, it’s still weepy, etc. I am not sure how to handle it, but I stopped at the apoteke (pharmacy) and got some cream on the way to his place.

Neither of us were much in a mood to be sexy. I couldn’t even lay directly next to him the way we usually do because… the tattoo. I brought food and he actually was feeling so out of it, that I made dinner for us. We smoked, cuddled a bit before I had to move, and we curled up together head to foot on the couch and watched TV until we fell asleep.

The thing about nights like this, they make me feel more for him. I love that our relationship is not only sex (which is what I thought it was for a long time). We can connect emotionally and enjoy our relationship on more than one level. And lord does he make me laugh. Ultimately it was a very nice night- as always.


Friday- There is a strange phenomenon in my life in Berlin- I almost never go out on the weekend. No dates. Rarely even with friends. It’s weird but after 2 years, it’s more normal than not. This weekend was no exception. I was supposed to get another tattoo today. I was pretty excited. But it hard to think about a new tattoo when this one hurts, is weepy, feels gross, and I just can’t even put on pants or thy get all wet and gross. Yeah this is not going well. I cancelled my appointment and will have to get it done someplace else, another time.

I was supposed to go to a party at a friend’s flat. House warming and business kick off, but I am exhausted from spending the night at Stefan, (never sleep perfectly but better than ever) and the stress and pain of this tattoo. So- home on the couch sounded better than trying to find clothes that I can wear on my stupid tattoo and a 45-minute tram and underground ride to the party.

I did make myself a lovely dinner of chicken and roasted veggies with basmati rice.


Saturday-I set my alarm to go write, but my tattoo woke me up way early! I decided that I didn’t want to put the effort into going to the writing meetup when I am leaving in less than two weeks. So, I just stayed home and relaxed for the morning. Then I spent quite a bit of time organizing clothes and packing. A gal came and picked up some clothes that I had to donate. I did laundry, made pizza, you know, total homebody stuff and not interesting at all.

The only interesting thing was that Odysseus pissed me off. He is always saying he will come by and see me, AFTER this one or AFTER that one, or IF this doesn’t work out better. I finally just told him that I wasn’t interested in being his backup plan and if he couldn’t make plans with me and stick to them or have them be plans with ME not after someone else, then don’t bother. He said he understood- but whatever. I don’t think he does. We’ll see.


Sunday- Spent a few hours my favorite cafe and worked for more than 8 hours. Oh joy!



  • 1 awesome sex with sexy partner
  • 2 overnights with sexy partner
  • 47.5 hours of work
  • 3 blog posts
  • 1 nasty painful not healing correctly- but hopefully still beautiful in the end- tattoo
  • 3 homemade meals eaten alone
  • 0 days hanging with my girlfriends (Boo! That almost never happens!)

I am sure these recent weeks are mostly off because of my pending move. It’s tough, it is consuming me. But, as Benjamin is constantly reminding me, adventure awaits, and I need to try to find a way to focus on that excitement. I actually think I am starting to. The friend I am going to stay with next, installed super high-speed internet in his flat in anticipation of us sharing the space and he has a few plans for our time hanging out. That is going to be fun. Also, my BFF and I are excited to plan some time together this spring which we usually don’t get! YAY!

So, another week down! Hope yours was wonderful!


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8 Replies to “The Week in Review: Week 6- 2019”

  1. I’m a little concerned about your skin not healing, especially given the description of discomfort and the ‘weeping’ you describe. Infection does happen, and I really hope it’s not happening to you!

    Everyone has different ideas about how to best care for newly-inked skin, and ultimately you do You, so this is not advice, just sharing my own experience: My tattoos healed up much better/quicker when I let them breathe. I used bag balm on my shoulder blade one, hand washing it gently each day and rinsing with cool water (no abrasive washcloths!) and never covered it. The one on my belly was at greater risk for rubbing on clothes, so I mostly didn’t wear clothes as much as possible while it was healing (*grin*), but when I did, I used triple antibiotic ointment on the ink, then stuck saran wrap over it as a barrier between my clothing and my skin.

    If that’s useful info (to you, or to anyone else reading you), great. If not, that’s fine too. 🙂

    I hope you start to heal in a timely fashion.

    Enjoy your remaining time in Berlin, and good luck with your upcoming move! 🙂

    1. Yeah this was a comedy of errors, and the result is happening this week so I didn’t write about it yet- but bottom line is- I am headed to the dermatologist today. It’s scabby and infected and BOO!

      She used the second skin- which I have had before- on the first part of this tattoo actually- but it didn’t stay tight, an the plasma pooled in a few paces and I think it broke down the already delicate skin, so when I finally did take it off, it was soft and gooey by then. Then there was trying to keep it moist but also be able to sleep, falling asleep and sticking to the sheets, pulling the scabs more than once… just a mess… and the skin under it has been red from the go… So.. today I am off to the dermatologist who will hopefully give some antibiotics for the infection (hopefully will help my cough too) and give me some tips so It doesn’t scar and ruin this beautiful tattoo. 🙁 Boo hiss

      Thanks for your tips and concern! Much appreciated.

        1. Me too! Dermatologist says my leg won’t fall off… but I am still not convinced. It hurts! LOL But I did get some antibiotic cream (which in Germany I like Gold- they don’t DO antibiotics) So hopefully that will kick in soon! Thanks for checking up!

  2. Ooo I was going to ask about your tattoo because what a neat idea, but I read your reply to Mrs Fever. Boooo. I hope it heals quickly and stays pretty! I’m considering my next tattoo, but on my finger. An ouch spot, but one I want. You’re a busy bee too!!

    1. Yeah- I have some antibiotic cream- can’t wait until that kicks in! It definitely has me reconsidering my future tattoo plans. It’s gonna take me some time to get over this one- I feel a bit traumatized. LOL This was my 5th time being tattooed and I have decent sized ones- but this has been some crazy business. (sigh) And yeah- being busy and emotionally stressed about moving and leaving this life for a while, does not help… everything is extra “feely”… (another sigh)

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