The Week in Review: Week 7- 2019

We’ve been doing this for 7 weeks now- you all know the deal…


Monday– Good night there is a lot of work to do this week!! Which is good, because of course it takes money to move and travel and I am going to be doing a lot of that over the next few weeks. I had an interview for a job here in Berlin. I could not get a good feel for the guy, it only lasted about 30 minutes and he was clearly reading from a list of questions. I guess we’ll see!

Later my friend came over with her husband and the movers to give me an estimate of how much it will cost to move me from here to their flat. They will keep all of my stuff in the cellar and much of it will end up in their flat since they are moving to new bigger one next month. She and I hung out and had a few glasses of wine and chit chat for a while too, which was nice.

Before bed, Benjamin called, and we had such a nice chat. He has been so supportive and trying to keep me encouraged about leaving, but also tonight he let down his guard a little and told me he would miss me too and how sad he is that I am not going to be around. That was very nice!

Typical Berlin Commuter

Tuesday- Still had work to complete by the end of the day today, but I had an OBGYN appointment. Good lord, even in Germany just because your appointment is at 11:00 doesn’t mean you will see the doctor anywhere near 11! But I really like my doc here, she is personable, takes her time, and asks questions. They are always surprised when I ask for more than just an HIV test, and that I make an appointment every 6 months. (Maybe someday I will write about what I saw as some differences in sexual health practices here from the US.) I also asked her to check my tattoo. I know she isn’t a skin specialist, but I figured she could tell me if it looked infected or not. She said it didn’t look good, and I should see a dermatologist ASAP.

When I FINALLY left the doctor, I met my writing girlfriends for one last time. It was nice to chat and catch up and say goodbye. Then finally I went home work all evening, along with some sorting and packing, of course!

Wednesday –After calling and writing and searching for a dermatologist for hours yesterday afternoon in between writing with the girls, I got an appointment at a place across town, 45 minutes away. (It’s almost impossible to see any doctor in Berlin really! It took me 8 months to get in to see my OBGYN for the first time!) The dermatologist was sure I would not require an amputation, thankfully. But he did give me some antibiotic cream- and that’s like gold around here! I asked him to look at my sore throat, (again so difficult to see a doctor you have to get while the gettin’s good!) he said it was clear, no spots, and should clear up in a few days.

I ended up having a nice burger for dinner, came home, worked (theme of the week!) and sorted condoms! LOL Did some packing too of course. Stefan said he would bring me to airport- one more logistic thing down, and a sure date to see him on Tuesday next week, the night before I leave.

Keep a eye on the expiration dates of your condoms!

Thursday-I woke up at 5am after sleeping like shit because of the sore throat. I took a pill, and I swear it stuck in my throat! No more sleep for me. I went to the Apoteke (pharmacy) and got some Advil that dissolves on my tongue and a throat spray to help and then treated myself to a nice lunch at a new Japanese place. My own solo-valentine’s day date.

Valentines Day lunch

Met a girlfriend to work together at the cafe later. She is so sweet, before I left, she made me sit with her on the comfy couch in the back of cafe and put her arm around me and our heads together, and we just sat together quietly for a while. Boy am I going to miss these amazing ladies and our friendships!

Stefan tonight! But I am exhausted and don’t feel very well. He’s tired too. We make dinner together, and I curl up beside him, naked (of course) and we doze on and off, chat, smoke, laugh, doze- repeat for the whole night. Not a hot sexy night, but a sexy loving night instead.

I did get a blog post up somehow in the midst of all the busyness. It meant a lot to me to write this post about body positivity and accepting myself.

Lessons Learned From Letting My Lover Take Photos of Me

Friday– I ended up working more on Friday and then taking a nice rest in the afternoon, trying to sort this sickness out! I DO feel better though. A bunch of my friends gathered in evening for a few drinks, ok maybe more than a few, but it was good fun at one of my favorite super cozy cafe/bars down the street. (It was the place I went to many of my first dates! Including my first date with Benjamin!)

Also- I got the call about the job and I didn’t get it. He is looking for something very specific, and while I am totally qualified and they acknowledged that, I don’t fit the one specific criteria. So off I go on my initial plan! Making arrangements for my housing for a few months, which I had put on hold until I knew about this job or not.

One last night out and Drinks with the gang! PS. I do NOT remember drinking white wine! 

Saturday– Oh man! Sore throats and hangovers do not go well together. Got a slow start, my friend was hungover too, so it took us a bit to get started. We went out for some American breakfast yumminess- hangover food at its best, and a couple cups of coffee to fortify ourselves. We spent the rest of the day listening to 80s tunes, laughing, and packing up a storm. We got everything done and treated ourselves to some nice dinner, a few episodes of Outlander and Prosecco. It was a great day and yet another reminder of the beautiful friendships I am leaving here.

All packed!
The perfect hangover breakfast at a little cafe down the street from me!

Sunday– What a glorious sunshine day! My friend who I met on Wednesday, came and got me and we went to a Flea Market. There are flea markets all over the city every weekend. They are especially busy this time of year when everyone is itching to be outside in the sunshine, despite the cold! We enjoyed walking around, exploring, and finally stopping for some delicious spicy Chinese soups for dinner.

I called it an early night and came home. I was going to write- but I really wasn’t in the mood. I needed to just kind of rest, finish the last little details for the packing, and watch some mindless TV. I treated myself to some Prosecco too, but sadly because of my tattoo, no more baths for me for a few more weeks.

Great Wall murals everywhere!
Every last person in Berlin was outside today!
Delicious spicy soup!!


  • 3 times hanging with girlfriends
  • 1 sleep over with Stefan
  • 1 marathon day of packing
  • 2 doctors’ appointments
  • 5 days of work (usually only 4)
  • 1 sunny beautiful day out and about
  • 1 night hanging with the gang and drinking too much


Overall, a very chill and productive week before a move. I was able to spend time with friends, and with my love but also get a lot of work done. None of it felt crazy or stressful or too much. I am thankful for the kind of life I have that even moving out of the country can be a relatively easy transition, tasks and chore wise. Emotionally? Well that is another story.

This is a representation of where “the wall” used to be.

Last night Benjamin and I had probably the most romantic conversation we ever had. I enjoyed it very much and felt very validated and loved by him. He is always encouraging and trying to get me to be excited about new adventures. But he is also reassuring that he is “not going anywhere.” I needed that bit of conversation to keep me going through these next few days.

I didn’t get to write much, sadly this is the first time this year that the only post I wrote was another weekly review, but sometimes, you can only do what you can do!

48 hours to go!


Masturbation Monday this week had an amazing sexy image- I wanted to write something inspired by that gorgeousness- but alas. However, check out the other posts that may have been inspired by it and enjoy some freakin awesome sexy writing! Click on the icon for more!!

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