The Week in Review: Week 9- 2019

Just a weekly journal of a poly traveler and how life unfolds. 


Monday– A bit of depression descended on me today. Sometimes you just have to go with it. So I allowed myself a nice wallow and stayed in all day. I made creamy vegetable soup and binge-watched Outlander. That was good, and I didn’t have a lot of work to get in the way of this relaxing self-care day. My friend is away for a few days, so I have the house to myself. I had too much wine last night and didn’t feel like leaving to get more today, so I drank a lot of water and gave my liver a bit of a break. Very light texting with Benjamin, and nothing with Stefan. He and I will not text much regardless. We never did, so that won’t start now. 

Tuesday– I have to get out of the house today. The sun is shining and its relatively warm, so I make myself get up and go. I walked to the cafe pretty far away, took me a good 30 minutes to walk there. Walking in the fresh air is good for the body and mind!  At the cafe I had traditional pie and bubbles and squeak, it was so yummy.

But it was not the kind of cafe I could work in, so I wandered a bit and found a coffee shop. I still didn’t have a lot of work, so I caught up on my blogging friend’s posts and worked a bit on my own Smut Marathon post. I found a nice walking path and found my way back home. Again my friend was gone, so I bought some Prosecco and crusty bread, ate some more soup and finally finished my Smut Marathon entry. I was in the writing mood, so I also completed a post I had started my first day in Edinburgh. A post about a lot of the feels I was having about missing Stefan and leaving Berlin.

If I Could Tell You These Things…

Wednesday– Finally there is some work to do! It was another gorgeous sunny day, so I found a cafe I thought I could have some lunch in and get more work done. It was a nice walk, but the food was only mediocre, and it was definitely not the kind of cafe I could work in. At least it was a nice walk. I went back home, settled in and got a bunch done. Alistair got home tonight, so we spent some time catching up on his days away, and both hit the hay early. 

Thursday– As invariably happens when I have work it’s always a rush deadline and a lot to do, so I got up early and got going. (I hate that!) I decided I needed to leave the house for a bit, so I went to a pub up the street for an excellent burger and a glass of wine. (Yes, wine for lunch. Don’t judge!) 

My friend Alistair invited his music partner Marina over for dinner and a chat. That was a relaxing way to spend the evening. I also made frantic plans for the weekend. (Messing up my plans for next weekend, trying to get it all done and having to pay 80$ for the cancel and rebook! UGH!) 

Reading is Sexy

Friday– Friday I did not have to get up early, thank goodness, but since I slept like crap the night before, even being at the train station by 11:00 felt like a lot of work. However, once there, I grabbed some train food to combine with the snacks in my backpack, and I boarded a train. The train was taking me up the Western Highlands rail line to Mallaig. (Port right across from the Isle of Skye.) I have always wanted to see the Scottish highlands, especially since I fell in love with Outlander! I booked a room upstairs in a pub for 35$ and headed that way. 


It was amazing, beautiful scenery despite the dark rainy, cloudy day. I chatted with a nice lady the whole way up, and she pointed out different things to me. We drove over the “Harry Potter Bridge” Aka Glenfinnan Viaduct. The scenery was astonishing, especially from Fort William to Mallaig. Gorgeous! 

That night I walked around a little, but it’s the slow season so very few places were open and it was already dark. I ended up at a different pub for a nice beef stew and some wine. Then I headed to the pub where I was staying. It was all locals chatting and enjoying their evening. I had a local Skye gin and tonic (or three) sitting by the fire just listening to the banter and enjoying the cozy room. Before I went to bed, I had a lovely single malt whiskey. I mean come on, I am in the Scottish Highlands, why not? 

Saturday– Instead of staying for the day and taking the ferry across to Skye, I took the early train home to Edinburgh from Mallaig. The forecast was rain and high winds. When I talked to the locals in the pub the night before, they told me that A- everything is closed, B- it would be cold and miserable, and C- the clouds would prevent me from really seeing anything. They basically said, “Don’t bother. Go back to Edinburgh and see a gallery or movie.” So that’s what I did. I went to the only cafe that was open in the morning, grabbed a coffee and a breakfast roll. Then popped into the co-op for train snacks and got on the train. 

There was a little more sun on the first leg of the trip and I got some lovely photos. But the rain and wind kicked in before too long, and I ended up pulling out my laptop and getting a few posts done. That was nice actually. Listening to Hozier and enjoying the train ride. (Better to enjoy than not when the trip was over 6 hours total- each way!) 

When I got back to Embra I was pretty tired, so I ate amazing leftovers my friend had made, drank Prosecco, finished posting my writings and watched TV until I fell asleep. Not a very exciting Saturday night for sure! 

Travel, Privilege, and Solo-Poly

The Mission

Sunday – The sun came back out, and it warmed up a little bit. Perfect day for a long walk to the top of Carlton Hill. My knees are a mess, so it was both difficult physically and emotionally (I hate feeling so unable to do the things I like to do!), but Alistair was patient and we got to the top to see amazing views of the city. 

We wandered about the city a bit, had pizza and wine, and then enjoyed some general chat and comfortable friendship moments. I tweeted tonight how lovely I feel about being poly because my friendship with Alistair is not a problem with my partners. There is no jealousy or worry that something might happen between us. Probably because something happening between us would be totally ok! LOL But he and I somehow have always been merely friends, and it is a lovely deep and special friendship, which in the past would have intimidated other relationships, despite the platonic nature. Nothing would have allowed us to be the kind of friends we are if I was still in my former monogamous relationship. (I do understand that not all partners are like my ex and some would “allow,” but I think in general male/female friendships are discouraged in monogamous relationships.) 

Anyway- lots of picture taking and wandering until my knees couldn’t take it anymore, and home to chill. We watched Netflix cooking shows, listening to music and he made a fantastic cod and chorizo stew thingy- Holy yumminess. Then bed. Lovely way to end the weekend. 


  • 13+ hours on a train to the highlands and back
  • 2X’s over the “Harry Potter Bridge” (Glenfinnan Viaduct)  
  • 3 homemade meals from Alistair 
  • Too many hours binge-watching Netflix or Amazon shows 
  • 2X’s walking around and looking for cafes to work in that were not work suitable and starting again
  • 1-day sightseeing in Edinburgh
  •  1 day depressed and allowing myself to wallow 
  • 4 blog posts! Feeling back in the writing flow again! (5 if you count this one!)

Overall- a lovely week. I especially enjoyed my trip to Mallaig and back. Sitting in the pub all alone, drinking my single malt whiskey I was really enjoying my own company. Sometimes, once I have someone to spend time with, I prefer to spend time with others, and forget how much I actually enjoy my own company. That was a good reminder. 

Texted with Benjamin a bit too- he got the letter I had written to him before I left, and wanted to reassure me that he is not going anywhere, regardless of the physical distance between us. That was nice. Stefan has been in touch too. He IS buying a farmhouse out in the country near his parents to live there with his other girlfriend and their daughter. This will significantly change his life and will have an impact on our relationship when I return, though of course neither of us knows what that will look like. No sense in stressing something that is still a long time coming. 

I did finally book my living place for the city I will be in for at least 6 months this year. That is a relief too. Nice to have plans settled. Now I am just waiting for my BFF to make her tickets to come to visit for 6 weeks!! YAY!! <3 

So, there we go another week down! I hope your week was awesome! Sorry, this isn’t sexier or more exciting. Hopefully once I get to the next “permanent destination,” and I am dating again, there will be juicier tidbits here to read! 🙂 


This is a Wicked Wednesday prompt post. Check it out for more really interesting and probably a heck of a lot more sexy than this one, stories! 

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