Time to Discover

Today: 9:00 

I wake up to the soft morning light glowing around the edges of my dark curtains. Slowly, I recognize the weight of a hand draped across my waist, and the warmth of a body curled close behind me. Oh yes, that’s right, Hannah… and M. I stay still enjoying the soft sounds of their breath next to me and the warm cocoon we’ve created, drifting in and out of that early morning slumber. 

I wake again when I feel M’s hand making small circles over Hannah’s sweet pussy. M’s fingers caress her and incidentally brush against my ass, as I had snuggled tightly into her lap at some point in our sleep. She shifts to give M more room. They think I am asleep still, so I lay there still and quiet, increasingly wet between my own legs as I listen to their breathing when it gets more ragged. Hannah shifts again and then the bed is cold beside me, as they quietly slip out of the bedroom. 

They leave the door slightly ajar, whether purposefully or not I’ll never know, but it allows me to better hear them as they continue their lovemaking on the couch. When I hear the loud crack of the belt on her perfectly round ass, I put my hand between my legs and savor the spark of memories the sound creates. 


Two weeks ago: 22:30 

 Hannah recently discovered, through a fortuitous date with a very Dominant man, that she loves being spanked and slapped and controlled. She brought it up at my Thanksgiving dinner, once the wine was flowing and the weed was passed, hoping that my polyamorous circle would be more open to this discussion than at a “normal” dinner party. Because the wine was flowing and the weed was passed, I was no longer available for deep conversations, and certainly in no shape to remember, even if I had joined in. 

So, the next morning, Benjamin- my boyfriend and the “D” to my “s,” told me about their talk and suggested that I reach out to her. He didn’t think she knew about the nature of our sexual relationship and he hadn’t told her, but he thought she could use a friend who understood some of the things going on in her head. 


One week ago: 13:00

Hannah and I sit in the coffee shop, speaking frankly about our shared kinks. She thought she knew me, I share so openly about my life and my poly relationships, but I rarely share about my kinky tendencies or my D/s sexual relationship with Benjamin. I probably wouldn’t have shared these things with her, had she not had her own awakening. She is my total girl crush! A gorgeous, blond, openly bi-sexual, feminist hottie. I didn’t think my submissive tendencies would resonate with her at all. Boy was I wrong! 


Last night: 6:00 

Hannah and I are sitting at the breakfast bar, eating pizza and drinking wine. We are about to go to our first BDSM Munch and are just as nervous as we are excited about meeting other people who potentially share in our “proclivities.” Somehow, we start talking about “gear” and I offer to show her the simple kit I bought online a few months ago. We sit on my bed crossed legged and giggle about the various toys I pull out from under my bed in order to reach the black organza bag of handcuffs, a collar, nipple clamps, and an inexpensive flogger. 

The flogger gets her attention. Impact play is definitely on her mind these days, spanking often being the gateway drug to even more exciting things. (I should know!) She plays with the flogger a bit to get a feel for it and hits her own leg. Then she asks me, “Can I spank you with it?” Hello- Hannah, my girl crush, spanking me? Uhm, a thousand times yes! 

I get up on all fours on the bed, pull the pillow under my arms, and flip my skirt up over my back, leaving only my thick black tights between me and the waving bands of the flogger. She is inexperienced and we laugh as some of the beats hit off my side, too low or too high. I give her feedback, “Harder, more to the left, try to get the middle of the cheek.” This is fun, educational for us both, and really quite hot. 

Before too long she asks, “Will you do it to me now?” I only hesitate for a second, after all I am usually a receiver not a giver, but this request is too interesting to pass up. She gets up onto all fours, her grey jeans covering her perfect ass, right up in the center of my vision. I can’t help myself, I know how much I like it when Benjamin caresses my ass in between beats, so I ask, “May I touch you?” Her response is an enthusiastic yes, so I reach down and caress first one cheek then the other, before I take my first crack at her with the flogger. 

I am also inexperienced in the giving, but more experienced in the receiving than she is so far, which may give me a slight advantage, as my aim appears to be slightly better than hers. I know that you have to push a bit harder than you expect to really get a good crack! After a few tries, she says, “It’s not very hard is it?”

“Hold on, I have an idea.” I respond. 

She waits, impatiently wiggling her ass in the air and teasing me with her movements. She is a bit of a bratty sub, something I am not, but it suits her very well. I grab the leather belt from my pants on the floor, and her eyes widen, not in fear but in expectation. She smiles and says, “Yes, that!” I take a few practice swings, hitting the pillow to get a feel for wielding a power I don’t normally carry.

I reach down caressing her ass again, this time moving my hands a bit lower, brushing the soft place between her legs briefly, before taking my first swing. Crack! We both jump, but damn that’s hot. She tells me I should go harder, so I do. A few more hard swings, her grunting noises making me more excited than I had a right to be, and we stop. We need to get to the Munch. We are now even more excited than ever to go meet new people who might help us explore this world.


Today: 9:45

 The noises from the living room have stopped, and I have completely satisfied myself, so I venture out. I shake my head at the clothes strewn about the living room, bras, pants, and oh my; my panties draped over the breakfast bar. I quickly swipe them, wave to Hannah and M, who are out on the balcony, wrapped in blankets, having a smoke, and head to the bathroom. 

When I return, my heart skips a beat. Hannah is there, still wrapped in the blanket, but I can clearly see her perky breasts and all the way down to her navel. M is standing there in just socks, back to me, and those glorious round buttocks becomes the focus of my attention. M turns to say good morning and dazzles me with a sexy smile. Oh, this IS a good morning.  

Hannah comes over, gives me a kiss and asks, “Can we all climb back in bed for a while?” Who am I to deny her anything, especially something I myself would enjoy very much? I touch M on the arm lovingly as we all saunter back to the bed and curl into a sexy spoon. 


Last night: 22:30 

The three of us get off the tram, arm in arm. We stop at the Spati, pick up a bottle of cheap Prosecco, and go to my flat. I am not even sure how it all starts. M suggests I read some of my erotic writing, but Hannah wants to drink a glass of the sparkling wine first. I don’t know but somehow, we three end up on the couch, kissing and touching. This is amazing. I have wanted to kiss her for so long, and now it’s happening. Add in the pleasure of M’s lips and caresses, and this is heaven!  

M and I worship Hannah’s slim and luscious body together, touching, tasting, undressing her piece by piece. M being the Dominant of the group, tends to orchestrate things. While, Hannah, who defines herself as a bit of a Princess is also instructing me in how to please her. (As a matter of fact, she had been “bossing me around” since she had spanked me earlier in the evening. Something about my manner of submission, makes her feel very “top” around me. I was certainly not complaining, giving her permission to direct my actions for the evening, before we even got to the Munch.) 


Today: 11:00 

The three of us walk out of the flat and to the tram stop together. M has to go home and walk the dog, but Hannah and I are both famished and hung over after our night of debauchery, so we’re headed for breakfast. At the corner, M pulls me in and gives me a sweet kiss goodbye on the lips. Hannah is next and they make out a bit and confirm their plans for their next date. She and I join hands, and giggle as we walk away. This scene is so Berlin, three lovers saying goodbye, unabashedly open on the street corner. No wonder we love this city!

At breakfast, we sit in a quiet corner in the back so we can re-hash everything from the night before without others hearing. We discuss our favorite moments, in all their glorious details. I wish we were alone when Hannah says, “God, when you were spanking me with the belt. It was sooo hot. You were definitely doing it harder than M did.” I laughed, so pleased with myself. Wondering too, where that part of me came from that enjoyed spanking her quite so much. “I loved that while you were spanking me, M was holding my arms and telling me to look only at them. Telling me when I was squirming and almost wanted to stop, that I could do it. I could take more. It was going to be great. That makes me wet just thinking about it again.” Me too, I think. Wow. I have never been the giver of pain until last night, but it is something I very much enjoyed. 

We dive into our French toast and eggs, and she reminisces, “Oh My God, and you and M! It was so hot to watch, you were both lying next to me, and girl you have skills. I couldn’t have done that. You leaned your head back, pulled his ass to you, and licked his cock like it was candy!  When he started fucking your face, you were making so many noises, I was actually worried. Even though I could see how hot it was making him, I kept telling him to go easy on you, to slow down. Until you both told me to shut up. Then I realized you were honestly enjoying taking him so deep. I have never seen anyone deep-throat in person before, so I finally relaxed and just watched. Holy shit, it was sooo hot too.” 


Today: 12:30 

Hannah and I walk down the grey wintery street arm in arm again, to the tram. I walk her to her stop and wait with her. We stand there hugging in the cold wind. I hold her in my arms and brush my fingers softly across her forehead, sweeping her hair from her face and behind her ear. 

“That was a lot of fun my dear.” 

“Yes, it was. I loved every minute of it, thank you!” 

“No, Thank you!” 

Her tram pulled into the station, we kissed good-bye, and off we went again to our normal lives and back to our normal friendship, until next time.


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  1. I like the way this is snapshot-ed (it is *so* a word!) into non-sequential segments of time. It makes for a memoir-esque reading experience while still maintaining in-the-moment immediacy.

  2. I thoroughly enjoyed this. Not only the content but also how it was presented to us. In terms of content though I loved that it was sexy but also full of friendship and fun. This was absolutely a joy to read x

  3. I loved reading this. I enjoyed the way you used time to give us the snapshots into what was happening and the easiness betweent the three of you is gorgeous ?

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