Tonio’s Taxi Tricks

Tonio had been driving me around the city for months now. One day he picked me up for a quick trip across town and we hit it off. It didn’t hurt that he was tall, dark, handsome, and spoke fluent English. I speak Spanish too, but it is always nice to have both languages to fall back on. He gave me his number and every time I wanted to go anywhere, I called him directly. It was comforting to know I would be safe and with someone who knows the city as well as he does. Slowly, we became friends too. Maybe even a little more, as I could never resist flirting outrageously with him every time I saw him. 

I was headed to the countryside to a writing retreat and asked him to take me the three hours up into the mountains instead of taking a bus. It seemed worth the time and money, plus I’d get to pass the time flirting with Tonio. I made sure to wear a short skirt with lacy panties just in case.

I settled into the car, we put on some jazz music and started off on our adventure. I have to tell you, my flirting game was strong. So strong in fact, I was really feeling the vibe from Tonio full on. He was for the first time really getting into the flirty fun and if the wetness between my legs was any indication, I was too. There was some light touching and as much eye gazing as you can actually do when one person is driving up into the mountains. 

As we drove, totally engrossed in our flirting, we failed to notice the dark clouds flowing over the mountain behind us. By the time we noticed, the storm had overtaken us and the wind was shaking the cars and buses on the road around us.  Tonio was worried about flash floods careening down the mountain and washing out the road, so he found a spot to pull over and parked in what appeared to be a safe spot to wait out the storm. 

I have to say, the pounding rain, the wind whipping outside, the damp heat inside the car, all ramped up the sexy feelings I was having by about 7,000%. Tonio dug into the glove compartment, pulled out a joint, and offered it to me. “As long as we have to wait…” I inhaled deeply, blew the smoke out, and directed my gaze at Tonio. It wasn’t long before we were in a tight embrace. 

His mouth was so much softer than I had imagined. His lips slowly moved against mine, twisting on the bottom and then pulling on the top. I was mesmerized. As the wind howled outside, the smoky interior of the car became a cocoon of slow deliberate sensation. He held my arms firmly against me so I couldn’t move. I could only feel. He trailed his lips from my ear, down my jawline, under my chin. He placed tiny little kisses all the way down my neck, to the edge of my cleavage. 

He pulled up and looked at me. The heat and desire I saw in his eyes caused me to catch my breath. Quietly he asked, “May I?” I shook my head yes, threw back my head, squared my shoulders and presented myself to him. 1,000 times yes! He covered the skin of my chest with light kisses. Stopping to lick the sweaty salt from between my breasts, before moving on. His fingers trailed along my damp skin, going before the kisses, sometimes after, heightening the sensations. 

I thought he would never push back the fabric of my blouse, reach into my bra, and release my breasts for his ministrations, but he finally did. I gasped with pleasure as his lips clasped themselves firmly around a hard thick nipple. Each time he sucked, my whole body seemed to clench in pleasure. The wetness between my legs started to seep out. I wiggled helplessly wanting him to release my arms so I could touch him too. 

As soon as he freed me, I ran my fingers through his hair. Such thick, gorgeous dark hair. I combed my fingers over his head and was rewarded with a soft sigh, felt through our lips which were still firmly pressed against each other. 

The rain was pouring so hard on the windows, I couldn’t hear him, so he motioned for me to lean back. He leaned down and pushed the seat as far back as it would go and gently lifted my legs so they were up on the dashboard. This, of course, pushed my tiny skirt even further back up my hips and exposed my lacy panties to his heated gaze. 

Tonio got up on his knees, leaned in, and kissed me again. I wanted to lift my body up, to get closer to him, to feel his body against mine, but he resisted. He pulled back, grinned his sexy crooked smile at me, and said, “No, wait.” I waited and watched for him to decide what he was going to do next. 

He kept that sexy grin on his face as he took his hand and cupped it between my legs, feeling the heat and wetness. He slowly ran his finger between my labia, pressing the wet lacy fabric inside with each stroke. My breathing hitched when he finally moved his finger beneath the fabric and slid it into the slick wetness. With his other hand, he reached down and grasped one of my nipples and pinched. Softly at first then harder.

He coordinated movements, between his finger inside me and the pinching of my nipple, a little here, a little more there, back and forth. I closed my eyes and concentrated on the sensations, and threw my head back in abandon. The wind and the rain were picking up around us and the noise of the heavy raindrops hitting the car drown out my moans and sighs. 

My hips hitched and bucked but I tried to stay still and let him have his way. I could feel the orgasm building inside me and I wanted to let it flow, feel it come through like the rainstorm, naturally and strong. I didn’t want to force it by clenching or wiggling about. I tried to have patience. 

His grin faded and he started to breathe heavily himself, his eyelids partially closed as he felt the wetness dripping out of me. His words began to encourage me, to tell me how beautiful I was, to tell me it was almost time, he could feel it building and his instinct told him it would happen soon. 

My patience paid off as wave after wave of orgasm flowed over me. My legs shook in time to the thunder overhead, nearly pushing them off the dashboard. I called his name, finally louder than the storm. I watched his face watch me and came again one last time. 

He leaned up over me, pulled his hand from my dripping cunt, and stared me in the eyes as he licked his fingers clean. My pussy throbbed again with aftershocks and fresh enticement. He pulled my skirt back down over my hips and helped me pull the seat forward again. Once we were settled, we turned face to face, and he kissed me long and deep, hands in my hair, lips on my forehead. 

We leaned back into our seats, took a few deep breaths, and smiled at each other. That was worth the wait. I wondered how long the storm was going to last. 


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  1. When I started reading I didn’t realise it was fiction as so realistically told. And you would wouldn’t you with someone like him – I think I would 😉 x

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