Top Eleven Posts from the Past

Inspired by a post from the wonderful Girl on the Net… 13 of the Hottest Blog Posts, I thought I would look back at Lustitude and remember some of my hottest posts.


1- ALL the Sex Scientist Stories

OK- I could say that every single Sex Scientist story is my favorite, but then I would use up this whole blog post on just those stories- and even though this has not always been my most active blog- there are still some pretty great other posts I want to touch on!

There are 11 stories in all. All of them are “true sex” (not unlike true crime!) stories. My sex life with Stefan is a bit non-traditional and very hot. I’ve been told that the part about these stories that makes them shine is not only the hot, very explicit fisting, anal, and toy play, but how the people interact. There is a lightness and easy bantering connection. I’m so glad that comes across because that’s precisely how our interactions go!

FYI- I will be in Germany for five weeks this fall- so hopefully, there will be at least two new Sex Scientist stories to add to the list soon! But to hold you over- here is a short sample from one of the posts.

He opens the lube and liberally coats my labia as well as his hand. We’re already warmed up so it isn’t long before he is putting three and four fingers inside my hot wet cunt. I love how the feeling changes from when I am on my back to on my knees. Somehow, on my knees, I feel both more open and more vulnerable. It seems to take more pressure to feel the same fullness. He can be a bit rougher with me. I feel his dominant energy more when I am blind to his movements and can only react.- The Sex Scientist Files- The Reunion – Part 2

Also- quite a few of these stories have been made into audio porn. They can be found on Girl on the Net’s Audio porn page– and those with audio have a link at the top of the post so that you can also listen to them that way.

2- The Truth About Anal

This is probably the only post I’ve written that is as much a guide as stories about my experiences (so far- there is one in my head to do “The Truth About Fisting,” so we’ll see…). It was a pretty popular post when I wrote it and every once in a while pops up again as someone retweets the link.

The Truth About Anal-7 Things People Don’t Talk Enough About When it Comes to Anal Sex.

For many people, the feeling of discomfort (or even pain if that’s your thing) is one of the things they enjoy about anal sex. There is often a feeling of being stretched or filled beyond what you would normally experience in PIV sex and that is part of the pleasure. The deeper or faster you go those sensations and potential discomforts may vary. Be prepared to communicate how it is going for you and work with your partner to make adjustments at every stage of play.

3- The Blue Scarf

This is one of the few purely fiction stories I have on this blog. (One I so wish was NOT fiction… Just sayin’!!) I remember having the idea for this story on a long plane ride and the story forming so fully in my head that I pulled my laptop out on the plane and wrote most of the story right then. One of the things I tried to be fully aware of in this scene- is how important and totally sexy consent can be. I wanted to show that this scene, while a lesbian BDSM scene, had been thoroughly planned, and there are ongoing consent points all the way through. I think this is one of my hottest yet!

She laughs as she continues to fuck my mouth with her hand, seeing how much she can fit inside, still pulling my hair tightly. She knows the humiliation of having to submit to her, the pain of pulling my hair, and the anticipation of what’s to come, drive me wild and she is using this to her advantage. She is using me.

As quickly as she started. She stops. I am relieved to have a minute to breathe, my face and chest soaked in my own drool, nose running, breathing ragged… but also I am bereft. I want her to touch me, to own me. She leans close to my ear, gently checking in with me by whispering, “My sweet little slut, are you ok? Shall we continue?”

“Yes ma’am, please!” I gasp. “I need your touch, please don’t stop.”

This story has an audio link at the top and can also be found on Girl on the Net’s Audio porn page.

4- The Sex Swing – in 5 Acts of the Senses

Oh, this one! There was a challenge once to write a story differently. I don’t remember exactly how the challenge was worded, but I took it up, and the result was this post. It is also about Stefan (The Sex Scientist), but it is done in such a different way- so I never added it to the Sex Scientist Files. This story is a slow and sensual meander through a very sexy scene of debauchery that feels elegant instead of purely filthy (though, of course, it is that too…)

Touch – His lips touch my temple, gently, soothingly. His hand spreads across my naked hip.

Sound – His evil laugh as he asks, “What do we do to you tonight? That swing looks inviting, no?”

“I don’t know, you know I leave that to you, but the swing does look interesting.” I reply.

“Good, then we’ll get you in there and then stuff things inside you, see how it goes.”

Sight – The chains and leather of the large sex swing hanging in the middle of the living room.

5- Time to Discover 

This is another story that came about because of a challenge. This one was to use time creatively in a story. This one is about when one of my good friends and I had an impromptu threesome with a guy we had met just that evening at a Munch. She always said how much she loved how it flowed and how close to her memories of that night the story is too. I not only enjoyed creating this story, but I very much enjoyed CREATING this story! (wink wink nudge nudge)

M and I worship Hannah’s slim and luscious body together, touching, tasting, undressing her piece by piece. M being the Dominant of the group, tends to orchestrate things. While, Hannah, who defines herself as a bit of a Princess is also instructing me in how to please her. (As a matter of fact, she had been “bossing me around” since she had spanked me earlier in the evening. Something about my manner of submission, makes her feel very “top” around me. I was certainly not complaining, giving her permission to direct my actions for the evening, before we even got to the Munch.)

6- Tankwa Karoo Desert- Afrika Burn 

This is one of the oldies on the blog- 2017- from when I first started blogging. It was before I was comfortable using explicit language for sexy scenes. I often wrote blushing and giggly myself- wondering if I could actually pull this off. It took time and practice and getting to know more about sex writing by meeting my NSFW Twitter friends before I could do it- and do it well. But I picked this one because, first of all, the setting is super exotic, and the story is real. Also- even to this day- so many years later- I still have this black and white image of being in the tent and this gorgeous man touching me. The fact that I had sex on TOP of the safari truck in the middle of the campground and everyone heard me? Well, that is certainly a memory too!

He’s on his knees naked in front of me, I am laying on the ground in front of him, my legs are open across his legs…

He leans back a bit, runs his hands through his hair… turns his face towards the moonlight and runs his hands down across his chest…

…then he reaches down and just starts running his hand all over me down there… just rubbing and touching all while looking me in the eyes, and leaning back with his other hand in his hair… (which was falling out of its sexy man-bun because I had just been pulling the shit out of his hair moments before…)

7- Will You Be Number 6?

When I started this blog, it was the only one I had. Eventually, when I started working on my memoir, I started E.L. Byrne Writer website and focus most of my relationship and polyamory style posts there. But back then I posted everything here. This is a favorite because it is the origin story of my relationship with Stefan (The Sex Scientist) and my polyamory. It’s a pretty momentous post, even if my writing and style have evolved since then! The funny thing is… I never did finish the story here! LOL I am sure I told the story on E.L. Byrne somewhere. I am going to have to find it now! (Also- I had not yet started to call Stefan his real name. We eventually talked about what he wanted to be called, and he permitted me to use his real name.)

rom the minute he walked into the restaurant, we were very comfortable together. I wasn’t sure what our plan was so I hadn’t eaten much yet but he was starving LOL. So he ordered a few things (Chinese place) and we shared the food (literally eating off the same plates and totally comfortable with that!) All four of us had a really nice time chatting and connecting.

After dinner we “leveled-up,” just the two of us, to a nice little corner bar. (Berlin has so many little cozy corner neighborhood bars, it was fun to explore them!) We sat on a old crumbled cozy couch and equally frumpy but cozy chair, lounged out with a few glasses of wine, and got to know each other.

8- I Talked About Sex With My Lover, and I Didn’t Die

I picked this post mostly because it is still one of the more important lessons I have learned in my journey to sex positivity and polyamory. Being able to communicate openly about sex and needs and desires, in this case, led to an even more fulfilling and amazing sex life with Stefan (yes, again, Stefan. We’ve been together six years- he’s my longest-term partner ever, so there’s a lot of stories about him!). It is also a lesson I have looked back on and tried to remember in my relationships going forward. We are so not socialized to talk openly about sex, and when I discovered I could do it and not die of embarrassment, I learned I could do that with others and strengthen my relationships in so many ways.

 So finally, that night, we are chilling at his flat, we smoke a little weed, and we’re nice and relaxed. Like usual, there are red candles lit in the black wrought iron candelabras, the 50-inch flat screen TV is glowing in the dark, and we are sitting naked on his giant couch. I pop the question. Well, actually I start rambling, telling him about the video, what it said, how it really had an impact on my thought process, blah blah blah and then I finally said, “So, I wondered, is there anything about our sex that could be better? Is there anything we don’t do, that you wish we did? Is there anything we should do more or less of? How are we doing here?”

9- And Finally, Salsa 

This is a mostly true story, fictionalized a bit. What I loved about writing this was the discovery “Jennifer” had about her being larger than her boyfriend and how that was ok. I have discovered that the bits of me that I kind of hate, I have had more men compliment me on those parts than I ever could have imagined. You’ll have to forgive me as I wrote much of the dialog in Spanish and did not provide English translations. But I think you will get the idea.

They ate their fruit and cheese in a quiet camaraderie, and she fell asleep for a short afternoon siesta, while he did some work. She woke and covertly watched him as he talked to a colleague on the phone. Finally, he noticed she was awake and smiled that sweet grin that filled his face. He closed his laptop and stood up. Before she knew it, he ran across the room and hopped up on the bed. He landed on his knees, bounced twice, and ended up straddled on her body. They both giggled uncontrollably, until Jose Fernando’s lean fingers began to caress a large breast.

She grinned as he first firmly pinched one nipple then the other, pulling and distending them, causing long hot pulses all the way to her cunt. He pulled the towel off her naked body and made warm murmurs of appreciation. He slowly caressed the soft skin of her fluffy stomach whispering, “Ah, a mi me gusta tu estomago.”

10- Exploring Saturday Nights 

I picked this one because it is a story of a threesome that did not go well, at all. Sometimes sexy times are weird and awkward- not always amazing and sensual. It includes a lot of “quotes” about how I was feeling and real Whatsapp messages between my boyfriend and me when I was telling him what had happened. It’s not easy to be vulnerable, and it’s certainly not easy to write about it sometimes.

It went on like this for a while. Him telling us what to do next. Bossing us around directing our every move. I get that is how some people conduct these kinds of “sessions”, but I was just plain uncomfortable. Around this time, I said I needed to go check in with Benjamin so he wouldn’t worry, and we took a break. I refilled our wine glasses and texted him. D went to smoke and told us, when we finished our wine and texting, to go back to the bed and snuggle; stay warm and wait for him. That was awkward.

He came back, smelling of smoke and his very strong cologne. He started the directing again. I told him at least 4 times that my knees don’t bend, (I have severe osteoarthritis) but he kept making directions that required me to kneel or straddle or squat.

11- His Fist and Me

If you read my blog, at least just the Sex Scientist stories, it becomes obvious quickly that I love fisting. I love being fisted. There is nothing like it for me, and it is something I very much crave. This was a Kink of the Week topic, and I could write about why I liked fisting, what it means to me, and tell a few bits of my experiences with it.

There is something about the feeling, first the fingering. I mean who doesn’t love a good finger fuck. Fingers curl and twist and push and pull in ways a cock just can’t. Having my partner’s fingers deep inside my wet cunt is a turn on like no other. Then as we start moving forward, the stretching feeling… more fingers, more pushing, more rotating, more motion, more sensations, more limits being reached and surpassed (consensually of course.)

The feeling when all four fingers are inside and now, liberally lubed, he’s working against, yet with, your body to relax it enough, to stretch it enough, to release the tension enough, to push past the knuckles and slide (POP) inside. OY! That stretch, those glorious few moments of pain/pleasure. I could sit at the point of “almost in” for a long time. The sensations, the anticipation…


Wow. I started thinking I couldn’t find more than six posts to recap here! But I had such an enjoyable time taking my walk down writing memory lane, and it became 11 posts! I hope you enjoyed it. I hope it inspired you to read one or two and explore the blog a little more! I hope to get more posts written for Blog Days of Summer, so stay tuned for new content and a lot more sexiness to follow!

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