Tropical Vacation

The sun is beating down, burning the back of my neck, and sweat is pouring off my face. I wipe it from my brow before it can sting my eyes, barely. My sandaled feet trudge one in front of the other on the rocky dirt road.

“Tropical vacation they said. Oh, it will be so much fun they said.” I murmured under my breath as I took a swig of the last of the water in the flimsy plastic bottle.

How did I even get here? How was I ever going to recover? All I wanted to do was sit down and cry, but there was nothing but sun and vast fields of sugar cane on both sides of the road. Plus, I’m not sure what that noise is, but it sounds like a large animal moaning in its sleep, and I am not going to be the one to wake it up. I keep plodding along, hoping against hope that a car will come along and save me from my misery.

Thankfully, in the distance, I hear a motor. I perk up and look around. Ah, here it comes! Oh crap! It’s a motorcycle, I sure hope it’s not carrying a family and their small cadre of farm animals, or I’m gonna have to wait in this heat for them to send someone to help me. As the motorcycle appears I am relieved to see it is just one man. Oh, and what a man he is. Tall for a Tico, his dark black hair is long and pulled back in a man-bun, something I don’t usually find attractive, but maybe it’s the heat. His dark eyes smile in concern, and he asks me, “Que Pasó? Esta Bien?”

“Estoy desperada, puede ayudarme! Can you help me? My car. It broke down and I need to get back to the beach.”

He looks around, confused not seeing my car, and asks, “Where did you break down?”

I explain where and he is shocked. He looks concerned for the distance I’ve walked in the heat, alone and without a head covering with the midday sun beating down on me. Now that he mentions it, stopping seems to have allowed the heat, the frustration, and the dehydration to catch up with me and I feel a bit woozy. He reaches out and hands me some water. “Sorry. It’s not cold, but it’ll help.” I nod and drink the water, greedily.

“Can you help me?”

He agrees and moves up on his bike to give me room to climb on. Now, I don’t know about you, but getting on the back of a motorcycle gracefully is not exactly my most developed talent, and I was exhausted and wearing a skirt to boot. I stood there, staring at the bike, mind blank and thinking… shit- how is he going to help me, if I can’t help myself! The poor guy sensed my issue and got off the bike and held my arm while I mounted up. His touch was surprisingly gentle as he helped me maneuver onto the bike. Once I was in place, he gracefully draped his leg over and got on himself.

He reminded me to hold on and we started off. I wrapped my arms around him, the sweat from my body mixing in with the sweat of the back of his t-shirt, in a not unpleasant way. Wait… how could I be having those kinds of thoughts in the exhausted sun-beaten state that I am in? The heat of the day must have been getting to me more than I knew. I relaxed finally, knowing I was getting help. The cool breeze of the air flowed over me, flipping up my skirt a bit.

I relaxed my hold on this kind stranger’s back, but leaned in more fully, enjoying the feel of my breasts pushed up against his back. I began to notice the vibrations of the bike beneath me. Hmmm… delirious from the heat or not, this is becoming a very enjoyable adventure.

We stop at the local car repair place, after a lot of back and forth, with my kind rescuer vouching for them and me, we agree they’ll pick up my car and take it back to the rental place. After that? Who knows, for now, I am safe, back in the beach town where my rented condo and AC awaits me. That’s what matters, right?

Once all the negotiations are done, he turns to me. “What next?”

All that stress, all the heat, the feeling of the vibration of the motorcycle between my legs and my breasts pushed up against his back combine at that moment, and I reply, “A la playa!” (To the beach!) He nods in reply and helps me back on the bike. He heads off in a different direction than the public beach and I get a little thrill between my legs. I am up for an adventure now that things are settled and even better if somehow this ends up being a sexy one.

We reach a small inlet off the main beach and dismount from the motorcycle. There is no one around, there is plenty of shade, and the waves are gentle and slow. The perfect spot! If nothing else, meeting someone local always has the chance to learn something new about this place. I walk toward the water and turn back towards him and flash a grin, “Vamos!” I strip out of my skirt, pull off my top, and drop them where they land in the sand as I keep walking toward the water.

A grin light up his face and he chuckles low and sexy deep in his throat as he starts towards me. I walk backward watching him as he pulls the damp t-shirt over his head and tosses it next to mine, then laugh as he hops first on one left then the other pulling off his sneakers and taking off his pants while continuing to move toward the water.

His body is toned, bronzed by the sun, and beautiful. I take one last calculated look, stare him straight in the eye and unfasten my bra at the clasp in the front and slowly peel it from my pendulous breasts. I love the look in his eyes, they get larger and darker and he moves faster to free himself of his own clothing. I giggle, turn my back to him, pull off my panties and race into the sun-warmed water, and dive beneath its salty surface.

I swim far enough out to be covered by the water in case of passersby and hear him splashing and swimming out to meet me. With little warning his lithe body is near, pulling me towards him. Our wet bodies meet with a splash and we revel in the feeling of wet skin touching wet skin. The feeling of the water, cool between my legs, his long lovely cock floating between us, as I move slightly away. So many sensations with the sea surrounding us.

I pull close to him and wrap my arms around his shoulders and neck. Our first kiss is salty and light, laughter bubbling up. I push off from him and splash with my legs and he takes off after me. We play like that for a while, not really talking, but teasing… a light game of cat and mouse. Skin coming in contact with wet skin, tasting an ear, biting a shoulder, and splashing off again. We could be two dolphins playing near the shore. I feel light and animalistic enough to be freer than I have in a long time.

I swim close to him again, pressing my breasts against his back, feeling his buttocks in front of me, curving myself as tightly against him as I can in the water. He growls and pulls me towards his front and almost drowns me with the passion of this kiss. I grip him around the neck as tightly as I can, wanting to be part of him, inside him, be him! He pulls me close by grabbing my ass and wrapping my thighs tightly around his waist. His hardness pressed between my legs, a warning.

A warning I refuse to heed as we kiss deeper and longer. He keeps me pressed up against him but works his lips down my neck and chest until his lips and teeth reach my nipples and he suckles there. Pulling so deeply I can feel the sensation pulling at my cunt, where the head of his shaft is nestled there, wrapped in my labia, poised… I can’t help but moan and let the water move us slowly back and forth against each other.

Before I realize it, I am using the water to help me bob up and down against his hard cock. I lock my thighs and move my leg muscles until I can feel the tip of his head sliding up and down between my lips as I slide up and down his body with his cock pressed hard against his stomach. The cool salt water surrounding us, the ocean breeze tossing out hair, the sea birds circling overhead.

He pulls me closer and sets his legs apart wide to keep us from falling with the motion of the water and I keep bobbing. Moving up and down, pressing close against him, wiggling enough to be sure to reach my clit and feel the pressure building. His cock throbs in rhythm to my movements and the ocean waves around us. The movement, the sensations, what we are doing now, is primal and immediate and cannot be stopped even if we wanted to.

He lets out a particularly deep growl and I can’t wait for a second longer. I move back slightly, he reaches a hand down and guides his cock into my waiting wetness. I push back against him close, instantly forcing him deep and hard inside me. We groan into each other’s mouths as we continue bobbing with the water. There is no fast and hard pumping in and out, there is just the rocking back and forth in the waves. He is already as deep as he can go inside me and we grind and push and pull against each other, without moving in and out.

We were already so close before he entered me that this divine grinding brings us quickly to the edge. He puts his head down against my neck, biting me slightly as he grabs my ass and pulls me even closer for one last thrust, I push my hips up and get that final delicious connection to my clit and then we let the wind, and the water and the sun take us. Sparks shine in my eyes, my breath catches, he relaxes his bit and starts to breathe quickly, still holding me as close.

A few moments pass while we sway in the waves, letting nature continue its march eternally past us, it would if we were here or not. I’m grateful it allowed us to have our interlude in the warm waters of this sea. We pull apart with wicked grins, he kisses me quickly on the lips and we both tip back, floating on the waves, relaxing in the water, feet touching to maintain this electric connection for even a few more minutes.

After a while, I stand up and make my way to the shore, picking up pieces of clothing and putting them back on over my wet body. He follows behind doing the same. We reach his motorcycle and I clip up my hair. He leans in and kisses my salty neck. He helps me back on and climbs in front of me. I reach around his firm body and hold him tight. I think about how lovely it was to hold him this way, naked in the water and I am wet yet again.

I give him my address and he stops in front of the condo I am renting until tomorrow. I climb off, lean in, and kiss him passionately, one last time. I walk away, but turn at the gate and ask, “What’s your name?”

He revs the engine, puts his feet up, and pulls away as he calls back to me, “Carlos Luis!”


*** This is erotic fiction and because of the water situation I chose to use, I didn’t show my characters using condoms, but condom use, safe sex, talking about sex before having it, are all really important aspects of our sexuality and safety.


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