Rainy Morning Musings

The rain pattering against my window wakes me up long before my alarm’s shrill vibrato sounds. I stretch lazily, feeling every muscle relax, and wake up luxuriously slow.  I don’t have to work until late afternoon, so I don’t have to rush out of bed this morning. Good thing because I am still thinking about that guy at the bar last night.

He’s not quite a regular but comes in a few times a month.  He gets here right after the dinner rush and stays late. He almost always sits at the corner on my side. I like to think it’s because he prefers me to Mallory, but it’s probably just because it’s the corner closest to the door. He tends to appear and disappear without much fanfare.

The first time I noticed him, he had a bowler hat on and some clockwork pins on his long black trenchcoat. He was staring intensely at the menu, a hardcover book with a gothic image on the front and a small leatherbound notebook with a pen sticking out of it sitting on the bar in front of him. He politely asked me for a Makers Mark whiskey, on the rocks,  and settled into his book.

That should have been it. A quiet guy sitting at the bar alone reading isn’t that normal, but it’s not that unusual if you’ve tended bar as long as I have. But there is something about him. Something in the way he smiles when he orders his drink, the way his eyes look right at your soul when he talks to you, the tingle I get in all the right places when I hear his voice behind me saying hello.

It’s that tingle I want to focus on this morning as I stretch my body and feel so deliciously languorous.  Lately, I get such a rush watching him while I work. Even though his nose starts in a book, by the end of the night he is almost always deep in conversation with one of the other patrons. Last night he was talking to Tilly. She hasn’t been in for a while but last night she showed up, hot to trot with her lastest young sexy boy toy in tow. She is always good for a fun night of shenanigans. She’s sexy and never short on interesting conversation and flirty moves. She flirts with us all- I love the energy she brings in when she is here.

Last night she got my handsome stranger deep into a very intimate, very flirty conversation. I couldn’t hear what they were saying, but you could tell by their body language there was some real heat between them, even though her man was right there beside her. I started to get all hot and bothered myself, wondering what it would be like being the object of his undivided attention like she was.

That’s what I am thinking about now, as I lay in bed listening to the rain. I reach into my side table and grab my favorite vibrator. I tug the covers off, revealing my sleep warm skin to the cool air. It feels good and makes me think of the air conditioning blowing at the bar and me leaning over the counter to refill handsome’s drink, maybe get him to give me a sexy grin and give him a glance of my cleavage.

I click my vibrator on, low and slow is the mood I am in today. I want this feeling to last, to edge myself over and over thinking of his smooth voice, and sexy eyes. I lay it gently on my body, just above my clit, on my favorite spot, and imagine him talking to Tilly. His eyes lighting up at something she says, her body leaning into his, “accidentally” brushing her breasts on his arm. My breath catches a bit, as I imagine him getting hard beneath the bar. I wish it was me making him throb with desire.

That makes me turn up the vibe higher and use my fingers to apply a little more pressure. Oh yeah right there. I picture him dragging Tilly off into the restroom. Pushing her up against the wall of a stall, thrusting his hands down her pants and into her wetness. I slip my finger into my own wet pussy and push my hips up so I can get even deeper.

It feels delicious, all hot and slick. I pull my finger out and rub some of the slick juices on my clit. As I press the vibe even harder into my clit, I start to roll my hips up and down to get the exact feeling I am looking for.  I can feel the beginning of my climax, rolling from my toes up. My finger swirls the vibe a little, making sure it gains maximum contact.

I imagine him turning Tilly around, yanking down her pants, and pushing himself deep into her, pulling her hair back and biting her neck as he enters her. I push my fingers inside my own wetness. Forget edging I want to cum now! I let myself go, intense waves roll over my body and I cry out as my cunt throbs with pleasure.

I throw the vibe to the side of the bed, stretch my arms out wide and let out a huge shudder. I am still so turned on, I might have to go again, this time with my favorite dildo. I do love rainy lazy horny mornings.


This week’s Quote Quest Inspiration is:

I have always been delighted at the prospect of a new day, a fresh try, one more start, with perhaps a bit of magic waiting somewhere behind the morning.

~ J. B. Priestley



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