Week in Review- Weeks 27-29- Something New

So I am trying to figure this whole “Week in Review” format out. I know some of you enjoy it and I enjoy writing it, but also it’s the post with my lowest engagement, so maybe there is something better I can be doing with it? Let’s see…. 



New Man

Remember a few weeks ago, in the weekly reviews I was talking about a super nice guy I met, “S”? Well, he has remained part of my time here, and he’s even better than super nice! As of this week, we’ve had pretty much three solid weeks together. I asked him for his “blog name,” and he said he’d like to be “Don Juan DeMarco” because ever since he was a young man he wanted to be the ‘best lover in the world!’ So from now on, that is how he will be known, AKA DJDM.

two people kissing but you can only see the sides of their faces

People… this man is rocking my world. I wanted to talk to him because he mentioned he was a swinger in his profile, and he wanted to talk to me because I mentioned Polyam in mine. That alone is super unusual here. He is a man living a bit outside of his own culture, yet he is perfectly Colombian too. It’s pretty great. Our Friday night dates end up being mostly all weekend dates.

The sex? Amazing. He has worked hard at living up to the name “Don Juan DeMarco,” and it shows. He is attentive, his kissing is impressive, he is very open to exploring and learning new things. He can put me into sub-space he fucks me so hard! And I am a girl who loves to have my A-spot/Cervix hit hard and fast. I love a good, hard, deep fuck and this man is happy to give it to me- over and over and over….

Oh, did I mention he is 14 years younger than me?? He is the first person to keep up with me in years! He even wakes me up in the night to have sex, or at the minimum in the morning. I haven’t had that in ages either. This is some good shit! I will def write a story about some of the adventures we have already had together. I taught him how to fist me. (YES!) Anal is probably on the menu this weekend. We had a threesome (MFM) on Thursday (we skipped work and stayed in bed all day with snacks, books, naked, sex, talk, love….) with a random guy from “Swinger’s Facebook.” (He has a separate FB profile with all swinging related people and companies etc.) And it’s only been three weeks!

He is a drummer, so when he spanks me- yes I suggested that and he is happy to oblige- I have an amazing hot stingy red ass. He takes pictures for me of it. I mean, come on! Could he be any more perfect? My only complaint is that I didn’t meet him sooner. I guess timing is everything. I’m hoping to get out a few shorter (can I write ‘short?’) posts with more details, sexy and otherwise.

Ghost Came Back

Remember Alejandro? The one about whom I wrote (SUNDAY AFTERNOON 1-2)? Then how he disappeared after canceling a date on me? This week he showed back up in my WhatsApp. He unblocked me to text and say he cannot stop thinking about us. I was/am skeptical. I mean dude, I was nothing but pleasant, and you blocked me for no reason, and now you can’t stop thinking about me?

He has been trying to sext with me, and I am just not really into it. I also told him about DJDM and that fact that I am not going to see anyone else in Medellin for the time I have left, just him, when he asked me to get together for “one last fuck” before he leaves town. HA!

Well, there I go, leaving broken hearts in my wake, all over the world. My shit is THAT GOOD! Hahahah

Travel Related

Traffic is crazy here and this is the line before 5pm waiting to enter the metro for the train.
Pretty Building

STI Testing

So, being a good sex-positive, loving myself and my people, partner; I do regular STI testing. The thing is because I live in different places all the times, the rules, the process, everything is different each time I change countries. Colombia is no exception.

In Berlin, they don’t do much proactive testing. They give you a free HIV test at the public clinic or a 15$ rapid-test at a Dr’s office. Other than that, you have to convince someone to do more. The most I was ever able to convince them to do was chlamydia and a gonorrhea test.

When I was in Thailand I was able to sit with the Dr, and she showed me a book of the available tests, and we talked about why a person might need each, and we decide together which I should get. I was able to pay cash and get the tests that same day and results within a few days. Awesome. The testing that needed non-blood fluids was self- administered. She handed me a sterile tube and a long stick that looked like a cotton swab, and then she told me how to make sure I got it all the way to touch my cervix. I went into the ladies room and did it myself. Boom.

Here, I saw my regular Dr anyway. I told her I wanted to do STI testing and she asked what did I want. When I said, “Everything because I could only get these three in Berlin.” She was shocked. She immediately started writing the orders. She asked, “Herpes too?” Yep, let’s do it! I took the paper orders to the next building and went to the lab. It’s just a small two-room operation. She got everything ready, and we went into a room with a standard doctor’s table. Thank goodness I wore a skirt because she said, “OK, take off your underpants only, and get on the table.” Now, this is NOT what I was expecting in the lab!

It was a flat table, no stirrups nothing. I hoped on, skootched down to the end, and she opened a plastic speculum, popped that baby in there, and took the swab herself. Then said, “OK, come on back to the blood donation room when you’re dressed.” OK then! We did the blood work, and I had my results on Thursday (tests were on Monday). She sent them to me on WhatsApp, not bad! She also sent me the PDF of the results so I could have them for any partners that may prefer to see the paperwork. All for 110$ (including dr appointment.)

Vista De Viejo

View at the overlook

View from the overlook at the north end of Medellin

DJDM and I went up to this amazing lookout point on Saturday to spend the afternoon. It was so beautiful up there. We could see the whole north end of the city. There is also a paraglider place above the lookout so there are often as many as 15-20 paraglider in the sky too. We enjoyed a few beers, talking, smoked some weed and then had the best snack, Panchocha y Chocolate. (Bread baked with two different cheeses melted inside and a super sweet rich hot chocolate with cheese you melt into it and eat with a fork from the chocolate drink itself. YUMMY!)

Panchocha y Chocolate

Food News 

Cooking with DJDM

Some of you have told me you love to see the food, so we can’t let the weekly review go without a food topic. On top of that, food is something that DJDM and I do together. Both of us are trying to save money, and both of us love to cook. The answer, cooking at home on our dates. Our first date, we went to the excellent local market four blocks from my place, and he picked out all the ingredients to make me a meal from his local area on the Caribbean coast of Colombia.

Fried Bagre, garic patacones, avocado & homemade juice
Fried Bagre, garic patacones, avocado & homemade juice

The next Friday we made what we fondly call, Lentils a la La La! Delicious healthy and fun. We ate that huge pot of food for more than a week. His cousin came over to meet me, hang out, and listen to music, and we shared it with him too!

Lentil soup
Lentil Stew a la La La

The next week we made Chicken Enchilada Rice Casserole. Another huge meal and a big hit!

Chicken Enchilada Rice
Chicken Enchilada Rice Casserole

This week on Wednesday I made a sausage, shrimp, spinach and garbanzo bean stew. Also amazing! We shared this meal with his best friend before we went out to hang out for the evening.

Sausage Spinach Shrimp and Garbanzo Stew
Sausage Spinach Shrimp and Garbanzo Stew

I love cooking with him. We laugh our asses off. He tells me all the time how he thought he was an excellent cook until he met me, and now he is my student. LOL. One night I had been walking a lot, and my knees hurt. So he told me to sit at the breakfast bar and direct him, and he would cook. We made fish and veggies that night — seriously too much fun.

Fish and veggies
Fish and veggies – Super Healthy night
American Breakfast
Breakfast de la Gringa



I got a tattoo! I covered the old dragonfly which was getting ugly and worn with two new ones! I will write a post about its significance soon! But for now, here’s the pic of the tattoo!

My dragonfly tattoos!


(I would never have talked about this before, except you all, this amazing sex blogging community, talk about it. You make it normal. You make it ok. I love you for that.)

On and off in my life, I have taken depression meds. More off than on. The first time, I told my Dr I was having trouble sleeping. He prescribed something, I don’t even remember what it was now. It worked. I slept better. I didn’t realize it was depression meds until I was doing something else medically and they said, “Oh how long have you been depressed?” I was like, Huh? 

But over the years I did realize I sometimes needed some extra support. I am the kind of person who has a ton of energy, at least it appears that way to other people. I am outgoing and “happy.” I have told people I was on depression meds before and their response is, “But you are so happy and have so much energy.” Uhm- Maybe but that’s not all depression is about. 

For me, it’s a general lack of energy. Not when I am with people so much, I am an extrovert, I get my energy from being with other people so I will generally perk up and be pretty good when I am out and about. But it’s that lack of energy that means I stay in my house for four days in a row because I don’t have the motivation to get off the couch. It’s eating Doritos and Wine for dinner because I don’t have the energy to cook for myself and gaining all the weight that comes from not moving and not eating right.  It’s living in an amazing country with the best climate ever, and not feeling like going out and exploring. But staying on the couch watching Netflix sounds like a better option. 

UGH. It’s been like this for a while. Not only here in Colombia but even when I was in Berlin. So finally, with it being so easy to talk to a Dr here and how easy it is to walk into a farmacia and get the medication you need, I finally decided I needed to take care of this. So when I was at the Dr on Monday I asked her what she suggested. I told her I absolutely did not want to take something with sexual side effects. I do not want to lower my libido or mess with my orgasms. I also prefer something non-addictive if possible. 

She suggested Trazadone. She said it could take 4-6 weeks to really kick in. That timing is good because I go to my next location around that time and it’s a new location and I don’t know anyone, so having more energy to go out and explore will definitely make it a much better experience than it would be if I was still feeling blah. Fingers crossed. I really do not like feeling Blah all the time. 

The Amazing Wonderful World of Sex Bloggers 

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12 Replies to “Week in Review- Weeks 27-29- Something New”

  1. Great review, and thank you so much for the mention ?

    DJDM sounds absolutely wonderful!! And cooks with you, too! Lucky you!! I’d say have fun, but it definitely sounds as though you are (and then some!)
    I wish you the very best with the trazadone. I’ve not had it (I’ve had paroxetine, and now citalopram) so I don’t know much about it, but I do hope that the early side effects aren’t too bad and that you soon find that you’re feeling brighter. ?

  2. There’s a special form of intimacy shared over food, I think. Eating a meal with someone is somehow deeply personal. When the meal is one you’ve cooked together, that adds a deeper layer to the experience. It’s uniquely bonding. 🙂

    1. It really is lovely. We get to talk and figure out how we both work together in a different way than sitting across the table from one another (I mean that is nice too but…)

  3. I loved your old format, and I love this one too! I like how you have broken it into different headings. Love the tattoo, and love that you are sharing your cooking shenanigans! I hope the meds help you to feel less blah soon, lovely!

    Rebel xox

    1. Thanks Love! I do enjoy this life! 🙂 I slept great last night and I think that it’s the meds helping. (Of course sleeping next to my heater DJDM helps too!)

  4. I must say I really enjoy reading your week in review in what ever format – and am always amazed at how much you can write in general in a week. If you feel liked adding any of your thoughts to the #sb4mh meme we would love to have you 😉
    The man sounds great! and I love food!

    1. I love food too… and I especially love making it with him… I feel so much more motivated to be creative and make yummy foods for us and it helps me feel better in general! Thanks for checking in!!

  5. So I can’t decide if I want to stare at the pictures of the men or of the food. Both make my mouth water, lol.

    And I’m glad you feel like you can share your reality with depression here with us. ((HUGS))

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