The Week in Review: Week 1- 2019

This is a new weekly feature for the blog. Each week I will spell out the days and my various dates, adventures or lack thereof. If I have written a story about that particular date or event or whatever, I will link it here as well. I will also add a summary and some “parting thoughts” at the end. Sort of  of a weekly journal. 

I NEED YOUR HELP! I need a clever name for this weekly report. I am usually pretty good at “clever” but this one is escaping me. I know you all are creative types! I’d love to hear your ideas here in the comments or on Twitter. (@elbyrne1) THANKS!  Now let’s get started! 


MondayNew Year’s Eve– Started the night hanging out with Hannah getting our sexy outfits together. Then we went for a few drinks and met Valentina to head to the Kit Kat Club for their famous New Year’s Eve Party.  Kissed Hannah AND Chicco when the clock struck 12!

New Year’s Eve at the Kit Kat Club

TuesdayNew Year’s Day- Totally in recovery mode. I stayed on the couch all day, reading, writing and watching Netflix/ Amazon movies. I have a Joyclub account and spent some time updating my photos and answering DMs from people interested in talking/meeting up. 

Joyclub “Live lustfully (lustvoll leben), A community for everyone, who wants to live lustfully (Community für alle, die lustvoll leben wollen), rediscover the erotic (Erotik neu entdecken).

Wednesday – Chatting with a woman on Joyclub about a threesome with her and her husband. They are talking about dominating me. “I wd like to fuck you on my strap on and him from behind anal, filling your beautiful and curvy ass!” We’ll see. It can be difficult to be sure these people are for real sometimes. 

Thursday – Thursdays are usually my weekly date with Stefan. For the first time ever, he double booked me and Sally. She sent him a text that she was on her way over when I was already naked, and we were making dinner.  OOPS! He felt awful for us both. One of the good things about polyamory is that we know about each other. He didn’t have to create lies or sneak around, he told me what was happening, he told her why she couldn’t come over, he apologized to us both for the faux pas, and we all moved on. She was a good sport about it, though I am sure he will be making it up to her next week!

We used the sex swing for the first time since I’ve been back to Berlin, and I have a feeling it will not be the last.

The Sex Swing- in 5 Acts (of the Senses)

A new couple also contacted me on Joyclub. They followed up more than the first and she asked for my WhatsApp to continue the discussion. She’s adorable but so young. Well, she looks a lot younger than she is, but I do too so… 

Friday – I went out with a man whom I had dated earlier last year, Alex. He was in an open-relationship but when that relationship broke-up, he needed some time to get his life back together. He contacted me again before the holidays and said he’d like the opportunity to see me. We went out for drinks and then pizza. He held my hand both over the table by candlelight and when we walked back to my flat. It was all quite romantic. It was the first time we’d actually been on that kind of date and it’s been a long time in general since I’ve been on a date like that. I really enjoyed it.

When we went back to my flat, I remembered why I liked dating him so much before! He’s not normally that kinky for himself but he knows a few of the things I like, and he really does a good job playing to those things when he is with me. He also says the dirtiest, growliest things in my ears while fucking. GOOD. NIGHT! 

Over the summer I went on a date with a really hot couple, but they had some complications in their lives, so we hadn’t seen each other in a while. (See a reoccurring theme here?)  She texted me Friday to reconnect. She was very flirty and “jealous” that I was on a date with someone else. Still, no date has been set to see them again either.

Saturday – I have a friend, Odysseus. (Hey- sometimes I let them pick their own names for the blog!) We started hanging out this summer in a wild drunken night that resulted in multiple bruises on my arms that caused alarm to each of my boyfriends in turn. Since then we’ve been both lovers and lazy snuggle friends. It’s been a while since we hung out, so I was looking forward to seeing him. We watched a movie, drank some wine, (OK a LOT of wine) and had too much fun with my new sex toy collection until the wee hours of the morning.

Sunday – Odysseus was still here. I woke up and did a few things around the house, got some writing in, and then climbed back into bed with him. He’s a great snuggler and I actually sleep pretty well with him by my side, which is not always the case. We slept for a while, then decided to spend the rest of the afternoon in bed. First, we slowly touched each other, but then we were enjoying touching ourselves, laying side by side. Eventually, he pulled out the laptop and we watched some hot porn scenes to push him over the top after an afternoon of edging himself (Well I enjoyed taking my turn touching him too!) Finally, we laid together, me curled up in his arms and him gently caressing my skin until we had to face real life again that evening. 


  • 1 iconic sex club
  • 2 New Year’s Eve kisses
  • 3 dates 
  • 2 overnights 
  • 1 romantic dinner, complete with hand holding 
  • 3 couples in contact for a date (Unicorn hunters much?) 
  • 1 sex swing 
  • Lots of kissing 
  • Copious squirting
  • Too many orgasms to count 


Summary: Not a bad way to start the new year. I felt gloriously sexy at the club, reaffirming the confidence I continue to gain on his journey. I reconnected with some lovely people. I got to see Stefan which is always a priority- and a-freaking-mazing sex! (Check out the Sex Scientist Files and The Toy Story series to see what I mean!) 

Sadly, because I will be leaving Berlin, my emotions are totally at the surface. I feel like crying just writing “I will be leaving Berlin.” I ordered some moving boxes and have been trying to sort out plans for my first post-Germany adventure. 

Benjamin continues to struggle with the separation from his wife, that whole thing and its impact on him/us/me ebbs and flows. This has been a rough time, the holidays, so we haven’t been talking much. He knows I am here for him, and I know he is doing his best. Sometimes that’s all we can hope for. 

So, there we go, one week down, 51 to go! 

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    1. LOL Some weeks are better than others and this was a good week! A nice way to start the year! Week 2 wasn’t nearly as exciting, though it had potential! LOL (And Yeah- something about living here just makes me feel alive and sexy all the time!)


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