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When I started traveling around the world, in March 2016, I knew I was planning to have a good time. I knew I wanted to have a lot of sex, enjoy the company of cool men, and in general have a lot of fun while traveling. I knew I had “succeeded” when my BFF told one of her friends- “Oh Deb? She’s great! Whoring herself around the world, having a grand time!”


I discovered Tinder when I first arrived in Morocco. But you won’t read any Moroccan Tinder stories, I was just a bit too nervous to actually go on any real dates there (A guy came to meet my friends and me a few times- nothing ever came of it.) BUT Tinder became a “dear friend” once I arrived Germany. I was traveling with people much younger than me, and I was going on more quality Tinder dates than they did! (I mean was it a competition?? LOL) I don’t know, I am usually pretty willing to meet a guy right away, I’d rather meet in person for a glass of wine than chat in text for a long time. [Yawn] But despite meeting most of them in person pretty quickly, I have more “good/juicy” stories than I do bad ones (But believe me, a few of the bad ones are doozies!! LOL) and that’s been a lot of fun!


As I told a few select people the stories (Can’t tell everyone- they will totally think you are a ‘ho! And well, I probably AM but I don’t need EVERYONE knowing that!) they began to tell me- You have to tell these stories! These are hilarious, amazing, wild, [insert appropriate word here ________] and I started to think- YES I really should write a blog! (As if I have time in my life for more writing! LOL)

Kiss Me Baby!

So, here is the blog. Anonymous to protect the very very guilty! But hopefully you will enjoy the stories, the craziness, and even the silliness of the adventures of a 40-something year old woman, who travels the world, dating as much as she can, and telling you the stories!


Keep an eye out for my first “story” post. It’s set in Berlin! Berlin is where this “Stella” got her groove back! The minute I got there, (I mean like literally- the first night I had a bootie call!) it felt so good to be there (even without the men!) It is an amazing city and one of my favorite places in the world…


Check out the post soon!


Thanks for coming by! Tell your friends! And I’d love to hear your dating and traveling stories too!

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