Will You Be Number Six?

“Klaus” is 36, grew up in communist East Germany and owns his own small business in Berlin- a head shop. He is super smart, understands investments, has a wild youthful past, and big smart plans for the future. Swiped right on Tinder and we started talking right away.



Our chats make me think he is a super interesting guy and he kept telling me that he was “curious” about me. (Two Berlin guys said this.. Hmmm) Anyway, he agreed to meet me for dinner, but it was kind of last minute and I was already about to walk out the door to meet friends for dinner just down the street. He agreed to meet me there. I thought that was pretty brave- new girl AND her friends? Poor guy! He got extra points right off the bat!

From the minute he walked into the restaurant, we were very comfortable together. I wasn’t sure what our plan was so I hadn’t eaten much yet but he was starving LOL. So he ordered a few things (Chinese place) and we shared the food (literally eating off the same plates and totally comfortable with that!) All four of us had a really nice time chatting and connecting.

After dinner we “leveled-up,” just the two of us, to a nice little corner bar. (Berlin has so many little cozy corner neighborhood bars, it was fun to explore them!) We sat on a old crumbled cozy couch and equally frumpy but cozy chair, lounged out with a few glasses of wine, and got to know each other.

Here is where it get’s interesting…

Klaus– “So, I am not into one night stands. But also I don’t have monogamous relationships.”

Me– “Really? (Trying to keep a straight face) Tell me more about that…” (Using my sales questioning skills often comes in handy in dating situations…)

Klaus– “So, it looks like this. If I like you, I would like to enjoy your company on a regular basis, but you are not the only woman I would be seeing.”

Me– “OK, so how many women do you see right now?”

Klaus– “There are two who live out of the country and come and visit regularly, and three who live here locally.”

Me– “So if this was something ‘we’ did, I would be number six in this harem?”

Klaus– (Laughing at Harem) “Yes, I guess that’s true, number 6.”

Me– “So how do these women get to spend time with you?”

Klaus– “They just ask for time. I get a message from someone and we see if our schedules work out.”

(Here goes with the question asking skills again…)

Me– “But what if two of them request to see you at the same time?”

Klaus– “Well then it really just depends on my mood. Maybe this one, I know I am going to have to put in more energy sexually, but I am really tired after a long day at work, and the other one, I know she is ok to just snuggle on the couch… I will probably tell the ‘snuggler’ that we could get together that night.”

Me– “You really have this figured out. You have the life! And I assume they all know about each other, since you are telling me about this whole thing right up front…”

Klaus– “They don’t know each other personally, but they all know they are in this type of relationship.”

(He later told me that his ideal life would be with two women, where all three of them lived and had relationships together…)

Me– “Hmm this is all very interesting….”

I am sure we discussed it more- I really do like to ask questions- but we also talked about all kinds of things. He is a handsome guy (not HOT or gorgeous- but so smart and clearly very interesting…) and we had a nice time, a few glasses of wine and just a lot of good energy together connecting,  flirting, and talking. He also made it clear without being totally rude, that he was a bit adventurous sexually. (I suppose I could have imagined this, since he has a whole harem of women at his disposal!)

When we both decided it was time to go, he walked me to the corner of my street (only a one block walk home.) He kissed me on the cheek (well both cheeks as they do in Germany), said it was nice to meet me, he hoped he’d see me again soon, and walked away.

Once home I got this text:

“At home already. Was very nice to meet you…. Looking forward to a more intimate date. You let me know. Sleep well!”


HA! I loved that! I loved that he put the ball totally in my court. He told me all the info about what he expected/wanted, and then… let me go and take the time to decide on my own if this was something I was interested in being part of.

Well Played!


So what did I decide? (To Be Continued…)


Update: Read https://medium.com/@ELByrne for more stories about Klaus/ AKA Stefan.

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