Yes Sir

The whole things started out so normally. A few quick witted conversations on Tinder, flirting but not too much. He was able to find that sweet middle ground between, totally interested, and now you’ve gone too far. We agreed to meet Friday at this cute little wine bar I liked to go to. It was sandwiched between two karaoke bars, on a street known for being the hang-out of thousands of university students. In Thailand, karaoke is very serious, so on a weekend night like tonight? The competing songs of off-key American pop-music karaoke are an unusual serenade for a date, but somehow the cacophony is the perfect backdrop for this warm humid Chiang Mai evening.

The wine bar has a lovely and diverse wine menu, especially for a town known more for it’s Australian breakfasts and coffee cafes than wine. But, I don’t come here for the wine list, I come for the 4$ glasses of box wine, that you self-serve to the very brim of your glass. They line up a row of box wines, red then white, dry to sweet. They even have little communion cup sized testers you use to find just the right flavor for the night! I think to myself, this is the perfect place to meet Matt.

He walks in and comes directly to my table. He is so confident. I like his style. After kissing me on both cheeks, he sits down across from me, leans in, and starts to flirt. I am totally enjoying the way his dark brown eyes crinkled when he smiles. He wrinkles his nose up when he is teasing me, and his smile is full of beautiful, straight, white teeth. He is nice and tall, built with a strong athletic body. His hair is a light brown, bordering on red. And It’s thick. It has just enough wave, that I’m sure he is constantly annoyed when it flops to the side like that. It is very sexy. Uh huh, he will do nicely.

We sit across from one another, laugh, and chat, and drink wine. I love wine. Unfortunately, I drink wine way too fast (well any drink really,) but I am managing it well tonight. I think. The conversation is flowing nicely, no awkward moments, and a lot of laughing. He starts to tease me about being so tall, so we stand up and compare heights. He is definitely a few inches taller than me. Before I can sit down, he touches my arm to prevent my descent, and leans in for a kiss. There we stand in the middle of this tiny bar, with Asian Karaoke playing loudly all around us, and he is kissing me. His smooth, soft lips press lightly into mine, when our bodies touch, I can feel his warmth radiating into me. The kiss lasts a little longer than is appropriate, in public, in Thailand. But my lips tingle. I feel that same tingling in other parts too. Then when we sit back down, he sits next to me instead of across from me, and we continue our flirting. Closer to each other now.

Our conversation is silly and interesting, and includes why he likes older woman, (because we’re so confident in ourselves and who we are) as well as the fact that he finds curvy girls especially attractive. (SCORE!) He tells me that he is traveling on holiday with a bunch of his buddies.  He told them he was sick, so he could leave them at another bar, and come meet me. Sneaky boy!

Now we’re touching, a hand reaching over to caress a hand, knees touching, then a hand under the table, laying on top of my thigh. Our shoulders touch as he leans into me and touches my ear, first lightly with his finger, followed by the barest of breathe from those lovely lips.

It isn’t long before he takes my hand, and runs his fingers lightly over my sweaty palm. He signals the waiter for our bill, (despite the amount of wine we’ve consumed, the bill won’t be much, after all it’s just 4$ a glass) and whispers in my ear, “Let’s get out of here.”

…To be continued…

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